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The MAGENTIQ-COLO™ (Magentiq Eye's device for the the colonoscopy examination, formerly called ME-APDS™) is designed to aid physicians when performing colonoscopy examinations, to increase the Polyp Detection Rate (PDR) and mainly the Adenoma (one of the Polyp types) Detection Rate (ADR), and to improve the quality of the examination.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the United States. Early detection is a key factor in its prevention and has been proven to decrease both the development and the mortality rate of the disease.

Colonoscopy test is considered the gold standard in CRC screening and prevention. It is the most recommended, effective and common screening test for early detection of the disease.

Unfortunately today 20-30% of the polyps are missed during these exams, in many cases develop into late stage interval cancer.

Polyp Detection Rate (PDR)  and mainly Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR) is ultimately linked to survival rate. 

The MAGENTIQ-COLO™ has a CE Mark. 

The CADe version of the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ is FDA Cleared.

The CADe version of the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ has finished a comprehensive pivotal multicenter international clinical study with successful results, for more details see here

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MAGENTIQ-COLO™ model AI-DETECT-GI is the main product, a software  and hardware device with a mobile cart that gets the video feed from the endoscopic camera used by the physician in real time. The system draws the endoscopist attention to region suspected as polyps, by highlighting the suspected regions on the main video screen. The endoscopist can quickly zoom in to take a closer look and decide if indeed a removal of the tissue is required. The product enables also to record the procedure video and the system's detections and to play them together offline. A snapshot with the system's highlights can also be taken. It has a CE Mark and has just finished its pivotal multicenter international clinical trial which is oriented, inter alia, to get a clearance for marketing in the USA. The next version of the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ (model AI-DETECT-GI+) includes also polyp size estimation, polyp characterization, and additional automatic quality measurements calculations.   

MAGENTIQ-COLO™ offline software runs in offline mode on pre-recorded colonoscopy videos. It can run on a compatible PC or from the cloud. It automatically uploads the videos from a predefined library and scan each one for missed polyps. The software shows detection and other measurements while playing the original video and produces edited video which includes the original video with detection bounding boxes on it. It also produces a textual report with snapshots. The software is currently used only for internal development and support purposes and is not for commercial use at the time. 

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