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10.10.22  The pivotal international clinical study with the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ was presented as a late breaking abstract talk at the UEGW 2022 conference, see it here   

Study Design Presentation1.png

1.7.22  The model of the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ with the computer unit only configuration (without a cart and a touch screen) is now also available for sale in Europe and Israel (in addition to the model with the cart and the touch screen):   

All sides_1.jpg

24.5.22  The new generation of the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ with polyp characterization and size estimation was presented also at the DDW 2022 conference in San Diego.   

30.4.22  The new generation of the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ with polyp characterization and size estimation was presented in the ESGE Days 2022 conference in Prague:,   

8.4.22  The pivotal study of the MAGENTIQ-COLO™ ( has been successfully completed. 

14.11.21  Magentiq Eye is delighted to announce that we have been granted our certification for ISO 13485:2016. This certificate confirms our medical devices and related services consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements,  and demonstrates our commitment to quality and excellence.  

1.11.21  Magentiq Eye's unique automatic polyp detection system MAGENTIQ-COLO™ is impressing its users - one center using it has recently ordered an extra four units for delivery as soon as possible. As a result more polyps and adenomas will be detected, and more cancers prevented.

11.9.21  From the Magentiq Eye's CEO address at the toast for the Jewish New Year:

21.5.21  A poster about the offline performance of the MAGNETIQ-COLO™ (formerly the ME-APDS™) is to be presented at the virtual DDW 2021 conference (, Presentation Title: Extensive Offline Test of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Automatic Polyp Detection System and its Potential to Increase Adenoma Per Colonoscopy (APC) and Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR)

19.2.21  An abstract on the formal offline test results of the ME-APDS™ was accepted to the DDW 2021 meeting (

"Extensive Offline Test of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Automatic Polyp Detection System and its Potential to Increase Adenoma Per Colonoscopy (APC) and Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR)"

14.1.21  An invitation to come and be checked (coloscopy test) with the ME-APDS™ at Hadassah Medical Center or at Shamir Medical Center, previously called Assaf Harofeh (

13.1.21 The ME-APDS™ site at Erlanger Health System ( was initiated

5.12.20  Magentiq Eye's ME-APDS™ has been classified with a CE Mark which enables to begin operation in Europe.  

1.12.20  Magentiq Eye's pivotal multi-center and multi-national clinical study with the ME-APDS™ has begun at two sites in Israel (Shamir Medical Center, previously called Assaf Harofeh, and Hadassah Medical Organization). 

23.09.20  Magentiq Eye has been selected by the ITTN (International Technology Transfer Network) to the top 100 Industrial Innovations of Zhongguancun Forum 2020, among the more than 2000 technologies collected from all over the world:

The honor certificate for the selected t

15.07.20  Magentiq Eye's APDS (ME-APDS™) first unit was installed in Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, and participated in its first colonoscopy procedures 


09.07.20  Magentiq Eye's APDS (ME-APDS™) has passed successfully its software validation test and EMC checkups: 


23.06.20  Magentiq Eye participated in the Innovation China Smart Healthcare Roadshow, which was sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology (

08.05.20  In addition to funding its phase I project, Magetiq Eye got from the European Commission a Seal of Excellence for its Phase II project submission, with a recommendation for funding.    

17.12.19  Publication of Magentiq Eye's project in European Commission (CORDIS) website   

18-19.11.19  Magentiq Eye participated yesterday and today in the Israeli Innovation Authority's startup pavilion at the AI Week Conference in Tel Aviv (


27.10.19: Magentiq Eye's abstract to the ACG meeting 2019 won the presidential awards.

24.04.19: A full manuscript about the APDS performance is (peer-reviewed) published in a GI journal (Click here to view the article)

05.04.19: A comparison between the APDS results and Physicians performances presented in oral talk at ESGE Day 2019  (


1.02.19: The Automatic Polyp Detection project of Magentiq Eye has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 854709.


19.12.18: Magentiq Eye was invited to participate in the Israeli Innovation Authority's 

innovative companies delegation to China 


28.08.18: Magentiq Eye's CEO gave a keynote talk at the 2018 Taiwan-Israel Innotech

Summit (

09.07.18: Magentiq Eye LTD Named 2018 VentureClash Semifinalist:

03.06.18: APDS results presented in oral talk at DDW 2018 (

23.05.18: Magentiq Eye LTD has won the 3rd place at the startup competition of the largest technological conference of central and eastern Europe (the Infoshare 2018 conference) 

23.01.18: Magentiq Eye has been selected to (and has presented ) in the finals of the startup contest of the 2018 conference (

31.10.17: APDS results presented in oral talk at UEGW 2017 (

22.10.17: Magentiq Eye joined IATI and is sponsored by OrbiMed:

25.9.17: Magentiq Eye was chosen to the list of top 250 innovative eHealth Companies and CEOs in Israel by Dr. Hempel's network:,

13.6.17: Magentiq Eye graduated the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator Class 5 

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