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Top Talent?

We want you!

At Magentiq Eye we are always looking for the best of the best.

Please see the open positions below and send us your CV to

Senior Deep Learning and Software R&D Role (340)


For our MAGNETIQ-COLO™ core R&D and innovation groups we are looking for top talent: 



  1. A degree (preferred second or third degree) in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Applied Mathematics.

  2. Average grade 85 or higher in each of the degrees.

  3. Extensive experience with Linux operating system, and Python language

  4. Experience in Machine Learning, and at least two years in Deep Learning (CNN’s and similar) on images - Pytorch/TensorFlow (preference to Pytorch),

  5. Experience in image processing.

  6. High R&D capabilities.

  7. Hands on with multi-processing and multi-threading implementations

  8. Good interpersonal abilities.


To be a senior member (with a potential to lead) in one of the development teams in the company, and to be involved in the development and implementation of a deep learning based innovative medical imaging breakthrough software product, a product with CE Mark, in the very final phase of its pivotal clinical trial and which is in the advanced stages of development of its second generation.

System Engineer (345) 


For our MAGNETIQ-COLO™ system engineering we are looking for top talent: 



1. A graduate of biomedical engineering, industrial and management engineering, computer science, or electrical engineering.
2. High grades in his/her degree.
3. Good system level understanding.
4. Knowledge and practice in Python, Matlab and Linux environment.
5. Experience in software testing, system engineering, quality assurance and production planning - an advantage
6. Good ability to work in a team.
7. High personal and interpersonal capabilities.


Description :

Responsible for all the system engineering processes in the company and leading additional interdisciplinary tasks. 

Senior Local Salesperson in a European Country (or Region) (355) 


For our MAGENTIQ-COLO marketing and sales group we are looking for top talent:



  1. A Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field.

  2. Excellent selling, negotiation and communication skills.

  3. Proven experience in sales of medical devices.

  4. Prior experience in marketing and sales of endoscopy devices would be advantageous.

  5. Excellent customer service and customer relations skills.

  6. Familiar with target setting, forecasting and sales management tools

  7. Highly motivated and target driven with a proven track record in sales

  8. Motivation to work through busy shifts and to travel.

  9. Ability to create and deliver presentations tailored to the audience needs.

  10. Speaking the local language and fluent English as a second language

  11. Living in the local area.



Responsible for the marketing and sales in the local country or region (Israel is also included)

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